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A very good option while you are studying Spanish is Family Homestay. Staying with a family, not only will give you the chance to practice your Spanish but to receive support every time during your lessons.

You could hold a conversation with every member of the family specially during the meals' time or in the evening when most of them are at home. As any bolivians they could be a little shy at the beginning but then, they could come to be one of your best friends.

The topics are varied depending on your skills for the language. If you are a beginner, you will have then to try to use what you are learning in your first lessons: say who you are, where you are from, what you do and so on.

If you are reviewing all of the basics, then you will immerse in a conversation where you will realize that you could really speak what you mean with errors but it will not be an issue.
Intermediate level students, could actually have a conversation with locals but what they miss is someone to correct them while they are speaking. That is very normal since the main support they receive when learning a new language is their own teacher but they could also rely on their family they are staying with. They are not real teachers but real friends for them while they are trying to learn our language.

Your teacher will always ask you if you have had conversations with your family and if you think your Spanish is getting better then, you should let him know your skills you are getting are ok, since one of the tasks every teacher should have with every student is to be concerned with your Spanish learning but at the same time, he should know what you really need to get your Spanish better and better.

Conversations with the family are not only any conversations you would have with any bolivians but real interactions with locals who really want to help you in real life situations.
With us you will always be concerned in your Spanish progress since we are really aware of your needs from the beginning. Your teacher knows what you really need to improve after a conversation test in the first class. Skills like listening or speaking will certainly have a positive result after a chat with someone in the family.


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La Paz - Bolivia
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If you would like to have the lessons and stay in the same place, this would be a very good option for you, where the host of the family would also be your Spanish teacher and you would have the chance to share different cultural activities with his family.

The teacher would be happy to host you in his house and have intensive lessons with you
(Mon-Fri) just after breakfast and after the class have lunch together with his family.

Many of the students who stayed with the teacher's family have found it a very profitable and enjoyable experience.

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