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Intensive Lessons + Homestay

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Intensive Lessons


All of our lessons focus on building students' conversational skills by practicing different travel-related situations based on grammatical structures and linguistic differences, to really advance their understanding and eventually get fluency. Normally, the grammar is secondary when you come to talking but having lessons with a teacher means not only to make sure the grammar base is being used properly but also reinforce that with more grammatical structures. The following course outline is a summary of the general curriculum :


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ABC Spanish Tuition
Address: Avenida Simon Bolivar,
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• Spanish Alphabet / Pronunciation
• Basic Vocabulary
• Subject Pronouns - Singular & Plural
• Ser vs. Estar
• Saber vs. Conocer
• Interrogative Words
• Days of the Week
• Numbers
• Gender and Number
• Possessive Adjectives
• Demonstrative Adjectives/Pronouns
• Bueno, Malo vs. Bien, Mal
• Uses of Present Tense
• Impersonal Phrases


• Reflexive Verbs
• Direct/Indirect Object Pronouns
• Gustar and similar Verbs
• Uses of Present Continuous
• Adverbs of Quantity
• Prepositions + Asking words
• Comparatives & Superlatives
• Ir a + Inf
• Double Verb Structures
• Possessive Pronouns
• Infinitive vs. Gerund
• Indefinite Preterit vs. Imperfect
• Perfect & Pluperfect
• Por vs. Para and other prepositions


• Review of all the Tenses
• Subjunctive and Correlation of Verbs
(A lot of emphasis on Subjuntive)
• Idiomatic Expressions
• Perifrasis
• Past Participles
• Conditional Sentences
• Reported Speech
• Relative Clauses
• Vocabulary Building
• Passive Constructions with Ser and Estar

Every student before starting the course could choose either between a structured class according to his or her level or a conversational one where the student could express his ideas and the teacher corrects any mistakes, detecting at the same time bad habits the student has had so far when talking. A good teacher not only should know what the student needs to improve the language skills when using the language but also his job is to train his pupils to use the language properly through grammatical rules and linguistic differences. Once this is done, they will get real confidence when holding a conversation with locals.

A Spanish Course could start any day of the week, including holidays, Saturday and Sunday. You just have to e-mail one day before or call (preferably the cellphone) the same day to start lessons straight away. For a more detailed information about the Spanish lessons, schedules, family homestay, volunteering, etc, you can visit the school in Miraflores, 9:00 -21:00, Mon-Sun.

Address: Miraflores, Avenida Simon Bolivar, Pasaje 1880, N 1785. Phone: (591-2) 2220582, Cellphone: (591) 72552871 La Paz - Bolivia

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