Outdoor Practice

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Outdoor Practice




Students have the possibility to put their Spanish into practice outside the class every time they wish to. They could also choose any real-life situations from a list and ask the teacher to practice it in class before they apply them when they have to confront the same situation with locals.
These outdoor practices are optional and they are complementary to the Spanish lessons that beginner and lower intermediate students are normally taking. During these practices the teacher encourages the student to speak and guides him at every moment.
The teacher's job will go further than just teaching the rules and explaining the grammar, he should also train the pupil both to use the grammatical structures
and tenses and to help him / her express his ideas in a conversation using all what is learned in class.
In summary, the point of these outdoor activities, is for the student to:
* Confront a real-life situation.
* Break the ice when approaching people
* Immerse in a real conversation with locals.
* Get self-confidence when using the Spanish language
* Think in Spanish and speak more naturally and finally,
* Have a real good time with the teacher outside
Here you have a small list of possible situations:
- Buying in the market
- Ordering in a restaurant
- Booking a room in a hotel
- Organizing a tour
- Bargaining in the street or market
- Meeting someone
- Asking for directions
- Inquiring about a place
- Making an appointment for the doctor
- Buying a bus ticket
- Changing money in the street
- Trying on clothes before buying
- Leaving and picking-up your laundry

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Address: Miraflores, Avenida Simon Bolivar, Pasaje 1880, N 1785. Phone: (591-2) 2220582, Cellphone: (591) 72552871

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